3 Ways to Speed Up Your Barn Chores

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Barn Chores

Who wants to spend hours at the barn in the freezing cold? If it is all time spent riding, maybe. But doing barn chores? Not me. The following three innovative products are guaranteed to save you time and energy!

Dura-Tech Stablehand

Dura-Tech® Stablehand™

1. Dura-Tech® StableHand™
The StableHand™ has my vote for one of the most useful products that Schneiders offers. Filling hay bags, shavings bags and trash bags is a hassle – especially with cold hands in the winter. By inserting StableHand™ into any bag, you can transform it into a free-standing container. You don’t need someone else to hold open the bag, and you can stop wishing you had a third arm. (Click here for a video demo!) Check out our special deal offered on this item through January 31st!


Safety Twine Cutter

Safety Twine Cutter

2. Safety Twine Cutter
I used to always use scissors to cut open hay bales, but it worried me that I’d misplace them in my hay room or accidentally cut myself. The Safety Twine Cutter is safer and easier to use than scissors because the blade is protected and you can cut the twine in one quick motion. Plus it probably costs less than the pair of scissors you’re currently using.



Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos

Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos

3. Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos
Why would I spend time wrapping polos when its freezing in the barn? I’d much rather use Fast Wrap Polos by Dura-Tech®. Achieve the same protection as polos in a fraction of the time, with no need to roll them up after use. At roughly the same retail price as traditional polo wraps, this one is a no-brainer. (Click here for a video demo!)



I hope these budget-friendly time savers from sstack.com help you as they’ve helped me! Check out our other cold weather solutions at Schneider Saddlery! Or watch our video demonstrating these items and more!

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  1. Jamie Davis says:

    Love my safety twine cutter-I won’t be without it!

  2. Renee Miller says:

    How do I sign up to receive this blog?

    • sstack says:

      Hi Renee,

      Thanks for the comment! We recently set up an e-mail subscribe button, which you can find on the sidebar to the right. Let us know if we can answer any additional questions!