Solve Equine Stomach Ulcers with GastroEase

Perfect Products - GastroEase

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Understanding Hot vs. Cold Equine Therapy

Therapy-InfographicVisit Schneiders for all of your therapy needs, whether cold equine therapy or hot equine therapy is needed.

Fire Halters- An Easy Safety Measure For Your Barn!

It’s safe to say that a barn fire is every horse owner’s worst nightmare.

While visiting Stachowski Farm last week, the Schneiders crew discovered a fascinating safety measure that I personally have never seen before. By the barn door, under two fire extinguishers, was a rack full of red halters with red and white leads attached.

Fire Halters

Fire Halters at Stachowski Farm

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the chin pieces had been removed and the lead ropes threaded through the brass attachment.

Fire Halters Up Close

Fire Halters Close-Up

In case of a fire, your first objective is to safely remove your horses from the area. Seconds count. In this situation, you don’t have time to run around looking for halters for everyone. Even if you have halters and leads on each stall door, trying to fasten buckles or tie rope halters on panicky horses wastes valuable time. With these particular fire halters, handlers can slip them on quickly and go. Having them all in one place so everyone knows where to find them saves even more time.

Want to implement this safety measure in your barn? Simply invest in one halter (like this one) and lead (like this one) per horse. Cut the chin piece and throat piece off the halter so you are left with the nose piece, cheek pieces and crown piece alone. Then clip your lead to the brass ring on the right side of the halter and slide the opposite end of the lead through the brass ring on the left side.

Fire Halter How-To

Create your own fire halters!

Now your fire halter is assembled and ready to go! Keep your halter(s) in one easily accessible place in case of emergency, and let everyone at your barn know where to find them.

Do you keep fire halters at your barn? What other creative safety measures do you implement?

Neon Turnout Blankets For Increased Visibility

Classic Euro Orange Turnout BlanketIf you turn your horses out in a large pasture or in a wooded area, the Classic Euro turnout blanket in neon orange or hot pink is a great way to increase visibility. This is important because:

1. Depending upon where you live, clothing your horse in these bright turnout blankets can ensure hunters during open season do not mistake your horse for a deer or moose.

2. It also increases their visibility if you live in a high traffic area.

3. It helps you identify your horse if you turn out in a large group.

Plus, this turnout blanket is waterproof, windproof and breathable so your horse can stay comfortable all winter long!

Classic Euro Orange Turnout BlanketPrepare for cooler weather with the Classic Euro turnout blanket from Schneiders so you and your horse can enjoy this beautiful fall season!

Breakaway Halters and Turnout Safety

Breakaway Halter Safety

Want to invest in a turnout halter for your horse? Check out these featured breakaway halters, leather halters and more at!

Keep Your Horse Cool with Schneiders

Keep Cool with Schneiders

Keeping the temperature under control is no easy task but, with the help of Schneiders, this summer can breeze by.  It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your horse during these warm summer months, especially during turnout and your riding routines.  Help your horse stay fly-free with Schneiders fly masks and fly sheets; enabling your horse to stay out longer and feel more comfortable in great breathable fabric without the annoyance of swarming flies.  During these hot and humid days think about turning your horse out at night instead of the middle of the day, or stick to early mornings and late evenings to help with the heat and flies.  Keep an eye on your horse’s water intake also!  If you don’t think your horse is drinking enough water, provide electrolytes either in a salt block or sprinkled in water buckets.  After riding, be sure to hose off your horse-the gentle, cool water will feel great and bring down their body temperature.  Remember to keep yourself and your horse cool and comfortable this summer!

A Parents’ Guide to Horse Camp

Parents' Guide to Horse Camp

We hope this guide was helpful as you prepare your child for horse camp. Schneider Saddlery has everything on your list! Let our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives help you find exactly what you need by calling 800-365-1311.

Trailering Your Horse Made Simple

Trailering Made Simple

Trailering doesn’t have to be a pain. Check out our selection of trailer accessories at to make trailering simple!

Back on Track Ceramic Equine Therapy

Back on Track

Back on Track ceramic heat therapy products are endorsed by leading riders worldwide. For extended information on how this technology works and testimonials about its effectiveness, check out our selection of products at!


Back on Track Mesh Sheet

Back on Track Mesh Sheet

Back on Track No Bow Wraps

Back on Track No Bow Wraps

Back on Track Bell Boots

Back on Track Bell Boots


Schneiders Catalog from 1974

As we enter May, many of you have already received our Summer Sale 2012 catalog in the mail. One of my favorite things to do while planning for next season’s catalog is to look back at where we’ve been. It is amazing to see how much has changed and, more astounding, how much has stayed the same. Check out this scan from our 1974 catalog! (Click for full size.)

Schneiders Catalog 1974

Many of these items we still carry today and their design has hardly changed. It is interesting to note that the images of these products are sketches as opposed to photographs! (I’m glad that I don’t have to sketch 100+ pages of products. Our catalog in 1974 was only 34 pages so sketching was practical.)

Here are the current versions of several products featured in our 1974 catalog!

Stall Drapes from Schneiders

Dura-Tech® Stall Drapes from Schneiders

Easy-Up® Four Prong Cleaning Hook

Easy-Up® Four Prong Cleaning Hook

Easy-Up® Storage & Drying Rack

Easy-Up® Storage & Drying Rack

Brass Double Horseshoe Bridle Rack

Brass Double Horseshoe Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Coated Metal Bridle Rack

Coated Metal Bridle Rack from Schneiders

Since 1948 Schneiders has supplied reliable and value priced horse supplies, including stable equipment. Be sure to check out for the products you know and love, as well as the latest innovations in stable supplies!