Innovative Dressage Tack for the Modern Rider

We are actively expanding our selection of Dressage tack and supplies at Modern riders who appreciate classic styling combined with innovative features will love this collection. Click here to shop!


Behind the Scenes of Schneiders’ Fall Catalog

Schneiders Rebecca Ray Behind the Scenes

Schneiders uses local horses when shooting horsewear photos! We appreciate the time and effort of the owners who so graciously allow us to use their animals in our publication.

Interested in Rebecca Ray Designs? Check out her blog here!


Hit the Trail with this Leather Bridle Halter Combo!

Trail Bridle Halter ComboShop this leather bridle halter combination here from! Strong and supple leather and heavy duty brass hardware make it extremely comfortable and durable. Be ready to hit the trail this season!

StableHand makes your barn chores easier


The StableHand is there whenever you need a helping hand! Use it to fill hay bags and nets, trash bins, laundry bins and more. Check out for other helpful innovations for your barn!

Trailering Your Horse Made Simple

Trailering Made Simple

Trailering doesn’t have to be a pain. Check out our selection of trailer accessories at to make trailering simple!

Back on Track Ceramic Equine Therapy

Back on Track

Back on Track ceramic heat therapy products are endorsed by leading riders worldwide. For extended information on how this technology works and testimonials about its effectiveness, check out our selection of products at!


Back on Track Mesh Sheet

Back on Track Mesh Sheet

Back on Track No Bow Wraps

Back on Track No Bow Wraps

Back on Track Bell Boots

Back on Track Bell Boots


Show Performance Portable Equine Cryotherapy Compression System

Show Performance is a new and effective cryotherapy (ice therapy) and compression system. It is fully portable and fits every breed. It allows the operator to use hot or cold therapy and control compression independently on either side of the horse. For extended information, click here. Be sure to visit for all your therapy needs.

Schneiders Catalog from 1974

As we enter May, many of you have already received our Summer Sale 2012 catalog in the mail. One of my favorite things to do while planning for next season’s catalog is to look back at where we’ve been. It is amazing to see how much has changed and, more astounding, how much has stayed the same. Check out this scan from our 1974 catalog! (Click for full size.)

Schneiders Catalog 1974

Many of these items we still carry today and their design has hardly changed. It is interesting to note that the images of these products are sketches as opposed to photographs! (I’m glad that I don’t have to sketch 100+ pages of products. Our catalog in 1974 was only 34 pages so sketching was practical.)

Here are the current versions of several products featured in our 1974 catalog!

Stall Drapes from Schneiders

Dura-Tech® Stall Drapes from Schneiders

Easy-Up® Four Prong Cleaning Hook

Easy-Up® Four Prong Cleaning Hook

Easy-Up® Storage & Drying Rack

Easy-Up® Storage & Drying Rack

Brass Double Horseshoe Bridle Rack

Brass Double Horseshoe Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Coated Metal Bridle Rack

Coated Metal Bridle Rack from Schneiders

Since 1948 Schneiders has supplied reliable and value priced horse supplies, including stable equipment. Be sure to check out for the products you know and love, as well as the latest innovations in stable supplies!

Herbsmith Acute Trauma Chinese Herbal Supplement

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Herbsmith infographic

Braideez Braiding Wire Makes It Simple

Braideez Braiding Wire

If you’ve ever experienced frustration with braiding, you need to check out this new product called Braideez. It’s braiding wire that makes braiding manes and tails easy! It is offered in white, brown and black to match your horse’s color so that it is nearly invisible. Never struggle with uncooperative yarn or thread again!

Braideez Tutorial

Watch Video

To shop Braideez braiding wire, click here! Be sure to check out SSTACK.COM for the latest grooming innovations and supplies!