Keep Your Horse Cool with Schneiders

Keep Cool with Schneiders

Keeping the temperature under control is no easy task but, with the help of Schneiders, this summer can breeze by.  It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your horse during these warm summer months, especially during turnout and your riding routines.  Help your horse stay fly-free with Schneiders fly masks and fly sheets; enabling your horse to stay out longer and feel more comfortable in great breathable fabric without the annoyance of swarming flies.  During these hot and humid days think about turning your horse out at night instead of the middle of the day, or stick to early mornings and late evenings to help with the heat and flies.  Keep an eye on your horse’s water intake also!  If you don’t think your horse is drinking enough water, provide electrolytes either in a salt block or sprinkled in water buckets.  After riding, be sure to hose off your horse-the gentle, cool water will feel great and bring down their body temperature.  Remember to keep yourself and your horse cool and comfortable this summer!