Neon Turnout Blankets For Increased Visibility

Classic Euro Orange Turnout BlanketIf you turn your horses out in a large pasture or in a wooded area, the Classic Euro turnout blanket in neon orange or hot pink is a great way to increase visibility. This is important because:

1. Depending upon where you live, clothing your horse in these bright turnout blankets can ensure hunters during open season do not mistake your horse for a deer or moose.

2. It also increases their visibility if you live in a high traffic area.

3. It helps you identify your horse if you turn out in a large group.

Plus, this turnout blanket is waterproof, windproof and breathable so your horse can stay comfortable all winter long!

Classic Euro Orange Turnout BlanketPrepare for cooler weather with the Classic Euro turnout blanket from Schneiders so you and your horse can enjoy this beautiful fall season!



  1. Sugel says:

    Whenever I approached my horses carrying their blankets, they’d gallop to the furthest corners of the paddocks and be difficult to catch. One night, a sudden storm blew up with driving sleet and wind. To my amazement, the horses saw me coming and quietly waited as I put each blanket on. Clearly, they saw the blankets as relief from the bad weather. I learned you have to use your judgment as to whether or not you feel comfortable with your horse wearing a blanket. Let your horse’s behavior and physical condition be your guide.