Schneiders Bonus Bucks Loyalty Program

Did you know?

When you make a purchase at or call your order in over the phone you are automatically enrolled in our Frequent Buyer Bonus Bucks program!

That means…

Every purchase you make from us accumulates Bonus Buck points.
If you purchase from us at a show, be sure to save your receipts. We’ll ask you to mail us the original receipts to redeem your points.

$1 = 1 point

(Excluding tax and freight.)
Once you accumulate 500 points, we’ll mail you a $20 Bonus Buck (we mail these quarterly).
That’s equivalent to 4% back! You can use your Bonus Bucks towards anything we carry!

You can also use multiple Schneiders Bonus Bucks at the same time!

Bonus Bucks cannot be used in conjunction with a gift certificate.

Happy shopping!