Skeptical about the Insta Hot Equine Portable Washing System?

Insta Hot Equine Portable Washing System

Insta Hot System

Would you like to take a cold shower? Spring is here, and if you have upcoming horse shows you’ll need to begin your grooming regimen with a good bath! The Insta Hot Equine Portable Washing Systemis your solution! Hear from some of the customers that have made this one of our #1 selling items…



Review Stars “I am so glad I purchased this wash system for my horse. She loves the warm water and I didn’t feel bad about washing her in the cold weather. The unit was easy to hook up, no leaks or problems. I just hung it on the fence near the water faucet. Included nozzle makes it easy to control water.” – California

Review Stars “I use the washer at home and have always had good hot water as needed. We have purchased 6 for our pony club to use at local shows so that all our exhibitors have warm water at the wash racks. It has always performed to perfection for us.” – Iowa

Review Stars “I was able to schedule an early Spring show this year. I have a gray Arabian that must have a bath and hates cold water. This year it was possible. He loved his bath and was whiter than ever! Warm water really makes a difference. I bought the cart as well and I’m very pleased to have a place for everything.” –Wisconsin

Review Stars “This product is wonderful! Our barn does not have hot water available to wash the horses. This system is a great way to give a warm bath. I looked at many different warm water systems. This one was the best. It is also easy on the wallet. Other systems cost twice as much, and could only store a certain amount of water. With this you get as much water as you want. The best part is that it is portable! It is also light weight which is a BIG plus!” – Colorado

Review Stars “This is a terrific product and I wish that I had purchased it a long time ago. We have well water that is very cold even in summer so now I can give my horses a shower whenever I feel like it. I was suprised that the water pressure was strong enough to wash out buckets and a stock tank. I mounted it on the wall and it took 15 minutes to set the whole thing up.” –Montana

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Foal Necessities from Schneiders

Schneiders has a great selection of foal apparel and halters at!

Foaling in February – Prevent Hypothermia

Foaling early in the year is common, and it is essential to keep a new foal warm and dry after birth. Schneiders has several great options for your foal!

UltraFlex Foal Saver

UltraFlex® Foal Saver®

UltraFlex® Foal Saver®
Our Foal Saver® has Tekno-Dri® lining to help finish drying the newborn foal’s coat after birth and prevent hypothermia. It has additional layers of polarfleece and fiberfill insulation for warmth and moisture transport. The outer cover is high count cotton so that you can wash it repeatedly. The expandable Velcro front and Velcro bellyband fastening allows you to expand the fit as the foal grows. It also features a comfortable stretch shoulder. It is available in four sizes to fit any breed of foal, from Miniature to Warmblood!

From a customer in Doylestown, PA -
“I have 5 of these for my foaling facility. Wash in cold water, line dry, no bleach but oxiclean is OK for manure stains. Great for weak or preemie foals, keeps their body temperature up. Take care to adjust belly velcro strap away from foal’s umbilical stump, and watch that colts do not pee inside that strap. My foal blanket wardrobe numbers in the dozens, and the UltraFlex Foal Savers are my go-to choice, with Schneider’s Tekno-Fleece Foal Warmer my 2nd choice because of its stay-put, snugly adjustable nature.”

Tekno-Fleece Foal Warmer

Tekno-Fleece Foal Warmer

Tekno-Fleece® Foal Warmer
This Foal Warmer is made of non-pilling polarfleece for warmth and wickability. It slips over the head and has a jersey knit insert around the neck. It features a Velcro bellyband closure and has excellent moisture transfer capability to keep your foal warm and dry! May be used independently or as a liner.



Dura-Nylon Expandable Foal Blanket

Dura-Nylon Expandable Foal Blanket

Dura-Nylon® Expandable Foal Blanket
Our Foal Blanket is made of 420 denier nylon with 6 oz of fiberfill insulation. It has a maintenance-free nylon lining and an overlap Velcro front that can adjust as the foal grows! It also features a bellyband closure to keep your baby extra warm.




StormShield Expandable Foal Turnout

StormShield Expandable Foal Turnout

StormShield® Expandable Foal Turnout
600 denier polyester outer with 220 grams of insulation (midweight) make this a great choice for your foal’s first turnout blanket. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable, with nylon lining and double lock Velcro front closure. It also features a bellyband for a snug and cozy fit.


Schneider Saddlery has everything you need to keep your new foal warm during the chilly spring months. Shop for all your equestrian needs!

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