Does Your Helmet Fit Correctly?

Helmet Fit by Schneiders

A helmet is only as safe as it fits. A good helmet fit is essential when riding. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your new helmet is effective in the event of a fall.

Step-By-Step to a Great Fit

1. To properly size your helmet, measure the circumference of your head by placing a measuring tape around your head and roughly one inch above the eyebrow. Different helmet manufacturers have different sizing, so consult the size chart for the particular helmet that you are purchasing. Also consider how you will wear your hair in your helmet. If you are planning on wearing your hair up inside the helmet, allow room for this when choosing a size.

2. When you receive the helmet, place it on your head without fastening the harness. If applicable, adjust the dial on the back of the helmet.

3. Make sure the brim is resting no more than one inch above your eyebrows. Gently try to move the brim up and down. If your eyebrows move, your helmet fits correctly from front to back.

4. Next, shake your head side to side, to the left and to the right. The helmet should remain in place.

If either of these tests result in movement, you will want to drop down a size. If the helmet seems to be “perched” on top of your head, you will want to consider moving up a size.

Replacing Your Damaged Helmet

If you fall and your helmet takes an impact, contact the manufacturer to have it inspected. The material inside is designed to absorb impact – once this has happened, the effectiveness of the helmet is compromised. Many helmet manufacturers will replace a helmet that has suffered an impact for less than retail if within several years from the original purchase date.

Helmet Safety Certifications (ASTM and SEI)

On most equestrian helmets, excluding hunt caps that are designed as traditional apparel rather than for safety, you will see ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) certifications. Most equestrian competitions require that helmets be approved by these associations to be show legal. Many equestrian helmet vendors, like Troxel or GPA, only manufacture helmets that meet these criteria. Always confirm these certifications, both to ensure that the helmet has undergone testing for safety and that the helmet is show legal.

Finding the Right Helmet for You

Equestrian helmets come in many different styles to suit many different applications. A helmet you will be trail riding in will look much different than one you would show in. Most people can use one helmet for both. Helmets suitable for show, however, tend to be more expensive. English hunt seat riders prefer “skunk” style helmets, such as GPA’s like this one, or velvet covered helmets like this one from IRH. Many trail riders prefer helmets like this one from Troxel because of increased ventilation for summer rides. Asking your trainer is a great first step when deciding which helmet style is right for you. Your local tack shop may also be able to help.

We hope this information has been helpful to you! Be sure to check out for our wide selection of riding helmets, tack and apparel.

Show Ring Trends of the 80′s

While searching for inspiration for our upcoming Summer catalog, I stumbled across these fashions from our 1980 spring catalog. Enjoy!

Western Apparel

1980 Western Catalog Fashions1980 Western Catalog Fashions

English Apparel

1980 English Catalog Fashions1980 English Catalog Fashions

If you need an updated show wardrobe, shop for what’s current in show ring attire!

Cheri’s First Aid Wound Care Picks!

Want to know what first aid products Schneider Saddlery representatives use on their horses? Customer service representative Cheri Kosteinshek has shown Appaloosas for 25 years, owned and worked with Thoroughbred racehorses for 15 years and now enjoys spending time with her miniature Schnauzer, Grace. Here are some of her favorite products…

Healing Tree TZon Equine Dermal Care Cream

Healing Tree TZon Equine Dermal Care Cream

1. Healing Tree® TZon Equine Dermal Care Cream
“This is an all natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory that contains hydrocortisone so that any associated itch is alleviated. It’s safe to use on cats, dogs horses and even yourself. Pain and itch are instantly relieved. It really speeds up healing. It’s great for any type of fungal problem or infection. A little goes a long way.”





EquiSilver products

2. EquiSilver products
“EquiSilver is another all natural product that kills bacteria and fungus on contact. The silver instantly alleviates pain. Results are very quick and healing time is sped up considerably. I also use it on my little Schnauzer because it clears up hot spots on dogs as well. I actually used it on myself a couple weeks ago when I put a nail through my finger and it didn’t even hurt the next day, so I know first-hand that it works.”


Vetericyn Hydrogel

Vetericyn Hydrogel

3. Vetericyn™ Hydrogel
“Vetericyn is a great all around product that is safe to use around the eyes, nose and mouth. It kills bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. The thicker gel formula stays in contact with the wound.”


Schneider Saddlery carries first aid necessities that everyone should keep around the barn.

In the event of an injury, please contact your veterinarian.

Stable Supplies from Schneider Saddlery

Be ready for anything that arises in your barn. These stable supplies will help you organize everything from tack to chores to feeding schedules! Shop for all your horse care needs!

Tack Room Design on a Dime

Could your tack room use a makeover? Organize your space while saving big with these economical solutions from Schneiders!

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Rack

Brass Plated Metal Bridle Racks
Keep bridles and girths neatly arranged with these brass plated bridle racks. Lightweight and economical, they are a simple and inexpensive way to dress up and organize your tack room.





Easy-Up Saddle N' Pad Rack

Easy-Up Saddle N' Pad Rack

Easy-Up® Saddle N’ Pad Rack
This saddle and pack rack is great for both English and Western saddles, and includes a bar to separately hang your saddle pad to dry. Made of vinyl coated tubular steel, it will hold even the heaviest saddles and is guaranteed for 5 years.





Easy-Up Aluminum Collapsible Horse Apparel Bar

Easy-Up Aluminum Collapsible Horse Apparel Bar

Easy-Up® Aluminum Collapsible Horse Apparel Bar
Horse apparel is bulky and difficult to store neatly. This Aluminum Collapsible Horse Apparel Bar makes storing blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads and other items hassle free. Pulls out and locks in place and then collapses when not in use.


We’re confident these simple solutions will make organizing your tack room a breeze!

The prices reflected in this post are valid through May 2012.

February’s Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

February Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

Want to organize your barn and keep activities running smoothly? Check out these unbelievable deals from Schneiders!

1. Easy-Up® Fold Up Manure Dolly – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

2. Dura-Tech® Horseshoe Salt Block Holder  – 64% off (Through February 29, 2012)

3. Dura-Tech® SafeGuards™ – 49% off! (Through February 14, 2012)

4. Plastic Feeding Chart – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

Valentine’s Day Horse Jewelry Sale

Kelly Herd Jewelry Sale

Now through Valentine’s Day 2012, all Kelly Herd jewelry is 25% off! We’ve added over 100 new styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect gift – for your loved one or yourself! Click here to shop!

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Style Your Winter – Our Favorite Outerwear This Season (Part Four)

Style Your Winter BootsWatch Video

You now know our favorite tops, gloves and breeches. Lastly in our outerwear category, but in no way least, Schneiders has several insulated riding boots we know you’ll love!

Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots
Once I bought a pair of Ariat’s waterproof, full grain leather insulated boots I never turned back. Not only are they sharp looking, but the 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation keep me warm through the entire winter. They’ve been through thick and thin over the span of several years, and still clean up well. These winter paddock boots feature a neoprene lined suede collar, gusseted tongue, rounded toe and Duratread outsole.



TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots
These paddock boots are comfortable and practical, featuring Dupont Comfortmax Classic insulation. They contain a footbed lined with PU waterproof membrane and have ultra grippy outsoles to prevent slipping on icy terrain. They are perfect for riding and for barn work!





Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots
A tall boot version of the Brossard Paddock, these tall boots feature waterproof full grain leather with suede and neoprene uppers. They contain the same 200 grams Thinsulate insulation, with moisture wicking lining. They also have a full-length back zipper for convenience!




TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots
Also an extension of the TuffRider Snow Rider Paddock,  they feature the same Dupont Comfortmax Classic insulation. They have a stretch-calf gusset and neoprene ankle flex and the upper lining is a durable mesh with PUFoam and tricot. Waterproof with a grippy sole.


This concludes Schneiders’ Style Your Winter series! We hope this information has been helpful, and we’d love to hear your reviews on the best winter wear you ride in! Leave a comment below, or catch us on Facebook / Twitter!

Style Your Winter – Our Favorite Outerwear This Season (Part Two)

Style Your Winter GlovesWatch Video

Previously we shared our favorite winter tops for this season’s outerwear. Today we bring you Schneiders’ favorite winter gloves! (I don’t know about you, but I used to always complain about my hands being cold in the wintertime!)

Mountain Horse Avoriaz Gloves

Mountain Horse Avoriaz Gloves

Mountain Horse Avoriaz Gloves
These gloves are my favorite. They are durable, and the inside hand and between the fingers is reinforced. They feature a warm knitted cuff, with an adjustable wrist strap with snap to keep out the cold and snow. “Mountain Horse” is embroidered on the index fingers, and the top of the hand features a slim reflective strip. Whether you’re doing barn work or riding, these gloves will serve you well.



Ovation Micro-Fibre Gloves

Ovation Micro-Fibre Gloves

Ovation Micro-Fibre Gloves
If your looking for an economical glove similar in style to the Avoriaz gloves, check out Ovation’s Micro-Fibre Gloves. They feature a Micro-Fiber exterior with Thinsulate lining, suede palm and finger grips. Schneiders carries both Ladies and Childrens sizes.




Ovation Nordic Fleece Gloves

Ovation Nordic Fleece Gloves

Ovation Nordic Fleece Gloves
Want something a bit softer? Try Ovation’s Nordic Fleece Gloves! Thinsulate lining, knit cuff, suede palm and finger grips. Comfortable, warm and only $10.95 a pair!


Now you have your winter tops and gloves covered. Next we’ll discuss Schneiders’ great options for winter fleece-lined breeches! Check out for our great selection of winter outerwear!

Our Favorite Cold Weather Outerwear

Check out Schneiders’ favorite cold weather outerwear for this season! You don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Our great selection of outerwear will keep you warm on the coldest days, whether you’re out at the barn or out on the town.