Urgent Info on Equine Ulcers

Equine Ulcers Infographic

Schneiders has solutions for your ulcer concerns! If you’re worried that your horse may be susceptible to ulcers, check out the following solutions:

Dura-Tech® Slow Feed Hay Bag – Slows down your horse’s consumption while saving hay.

High Country Slow Feeder Saver – Holds a full day’s worth of feed and slows the rate of consumption. Durable enough to place in turnout areas.

Succeed™ Digestive Conditioning Program – Supplements for performance horses that are in training or competing without extended turnout.

dac Digestive Aid – Supplement that contains direct-fed microbial cultures to encourage a healthy digestive system.

Always contact your veterinarian if you are concerned about ulcers and your horse’s overall health.