Horses of Schneiders Catalog – “Esther”

Horses of Schneiders

In our Horses of Schneiders series, we introduce you to Rule Violation, also known as “Esther”.

Horses of Schneiders Esther

Esther was purchased in 1997 by the DeMauro family after she was found by trainer Art O’Brien in Canada. She was Amber DeMauro’s partner in crime as a youth horse until 2003, winning numerous OQHA year-end awards, Top Ten in Horsemanship at the Congress and Qualifying for Youth World in Showmanship and Western Riding!

In 2003 when Amber went to college, her mother Kimber Lee DeMauro picked up the reins. The new duo proceeded to win the 2004 Quarter Horse Congress in Novice Amateur Western Riding under all judges. Her resume also includes OQHA Amateur All Around Champion saddle. Esther is currently semi-retired and living with the DeMauro family where she is still ridden by Amber and Kim. However, four neighborhood children consider themselves part owners also. They love coming over to ride and brush her! Esther has been enjoying this past summer as a trail horse, participating in two Ride-A-Thons with Amber at the age of 18. For a horse that never liked to go into the water box during the trail class, Esther has also found a new love of swimming on the trails!

Horses of Schneiders Esther

Look for Esther on pages 20 and 21 of our Fall Sale 2012 catalog modeling our several of our stable blankets!