Horse Blanket Troubleshooting Solutions

Horse Blanket Troubleshooting

Schneiders wants to make blanketing your animals as hassle-free as possible. Horses will be horses, and as owners we sometimes have to do a bit of troubleshooting. Some common annoyances with blanketing horses include blanket tears, dirty Velcro closures that are no longer effective and blanket rubbing. Stress no longer – Schneiders has the following horse blanket solutions!

1.StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape
Even the strongest blankets can tear, either on the outer shell or on the lining. Having them repaired can be expensive and time consuming. The simplest solution is to use Schneiders’ StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape. It allows you to quickly and easily repair waterproof turnout blankets in minutes. It is offered in 18” strips in 10+ colors, and costs much less than a typical blanket repair ($2.95 a strip). Don’t let your horse go without a blanket just because it needs repaired! Fix it at home with StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape. Click here to view a video tutorial!

2.Velcro Restorer Brush
I am a fan of Velcro assist front closures on turnout blankets. They keep the front of the blanket closed so that it doesn’t bunch up behind the buckles after your horse has been moving around. The problem, though, is that the Velcro doesn’t stand a chance of staying clean in the barn and soon loses its effectiveness. This Velcro restorer brush brings it back to life in no time, and is cost effective to boot. It is one of those items you don’t think to shop for, but can’t live without once you own one.

3.UltraFlex® Shoulder Slicker
Even the best fitting blankets can leave rub marks on sensitive horses. If you are showing and want to prevent rubs and hair loss on the base of the mane and top of the withers, or if your horse is sensitive but needs to stay blanketed, try using a shoulder slicker. The lycra prevents friction from blanketing so hair loss is kept to a minimum. Schneiders’ UltraFlex® Shoulder Slicker is made of 8 oz durable lycra with a Velcro closure at the neck and an elastic girth strap to keep it securely in place. Our slickers are sized to fit weanlings up to large warmbloods (sizes 64 – 86).

We hope this information is helpful to you! We have plenty of blanket accessories (leg straps, bellyband extenders, blanket wash, blanket re-proofer and more) at to make your life at the barn easier! Check out all of our cold weather solutions to make short work of your winter!

How to Measure for a Horse Blanket

Check out this useful tutorial on how to measure for a Schneiders Horse Blanket! Following these guidelines will help you find your horse’s size quickly and easily. A properly fitting blanket is essential to keeping your horses warm and comfortable, whether they are occasionally turned out or live outside 24/7. Shop for our great variety of horse blankets and other supplies!

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer Special Deal!

Dura-Tech Ice Breaker Strainer Special DealNow through January 21, 2012

Tired of frozen buckets? The Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker and Strainer is made of sturdy aluminum so you can break through the ice, while the mesh net allows you to remove the broken chunks without getting wet. It provides a quick and easy solution to your frozen water bucket nightmares. Check out this limited time offer, now through January 21, 2012! Also remember to see our other solutions for cold weather!

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Cold Weather Solutions from Schneider Saddlery

Check out these cold weather solutions from Schneider Saddlery! We have everything you need to make short work of your barn chores this winter! Check out these products and more at!

Our Unbelievable Deal on StableHand ™

StableHand Unbelievable DealCheck out our unbelievable deal on the Dura-Tech® StableHand™! StableHand offer valid through January 31, 2012! Remember to shop at Schneiders for all your barn chore solutions!

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Have Hot Water Instantly, Even Mid-Winter!

The Insta Hot® Equine Portable Washing System is one of those products where once you’ve used it you cannot live without it. Have hot water in seconds, even in cold weather! This unit has so many uses in addition to bathing horses. Use it to bathe your other animals, to wash your car, to fill water buckets and to use while camping – the possibilities are endless! It is offered exclusively from Schneiders. For more information click here. To see more of our cold weather solutions, check out!

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Barn Chores

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Barn Chores

Who wants to spend hours at the barn in the freezing cold? If it is all time spent riding, maybe. But doing barn chores? Not me. The following three innovative products are guaranteed to save you time and energy!

Dura-Tech Stablehand

Dura-Tech® Stablehand™

1. Dura-Tech® StableHand™
The StableHand™ has my vote for one of the most useful products that Schneiders offers. Filling hay bags, shavings bags and trash bags is a hassle – especially with cold hands in the winter. By inserting StableHand™ into any bag, you can transform it into a free-standing container. You don’t need someone else to hold open the bag, and you can stop wishing you had a third arm. (Click here for a video demo!) Check out our special deal offered on this item through January 31st!


Safety Twine Cutter

Safety Twine Cutter

2. Safety Twine Cutter
I used to always use scissors to cut open hay bales, but it worried me that I’d misplace them in my hay room or accidentally cut myself. The Safety Twine Cutter is safer and easier to use than scissors because the blade is protected and you can cut the twine in one quick motion. Plus it probably costs less than the pair of scissors you’re currently using.



Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos

Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos

3. Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polos
Why would I spend time wrapping polos when its freezing in the barn? I’d much rather use Fast Wrap Polos by Dura-Tech®. Achieve the same protection as polos in a fraction of the time, with no need to roll them up after use. At roughly the same retail price as traditional polo wraps, this one is a no-brainer. (Click here for a video demo!)



I hope these budget-friendly time savers from help you as they’ve helped me! Check out our other cold weather solutions at Schneider Saddlery! Or watch our video demonstrating these items and more!

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Herbsmith, Inc. and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Herbsmith Inc Products from Schneiders

New from SchneidersHerbsmith, Inc. products! Herbsmith therapies utilize Chinese herbal blends as a natural way to improve overall wellness for your animal.

Always consult your veterinarian before starting a supplement regimen.

Chinese herbs – effective or simply a fad?
Chinese Veterinary Medicine, while only recently provoking interest in North America, has existed for thousands of years (1). The goal of Chinese herbal medicine is to treat the entire body for wellness, rather than treat a specific symptom. Vet practitioners who follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine will often prescribe herbs that they feel will bring the body into balance and therefore relieve illness (2). Many veterinarians combine Eastern and Western techniques when treating animals. Alternative therapies have recently grown in popularity, but are they effective? According to Dr. Bessent, holistic veterinarian and founder of Herbsmith, Inc., “We’ve become so reliant on pharmaceuticals that many think herbs are folklore but TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) is more than that. It’s a medical system that looks beyond symptoms to address the root causes of illness, while supporting good health. Using Chinese herbs proactively pays off since people can deal with an animal’s issues before they become severe.” (1)

Herbsmith Products
Dr. Chris Bessent, founder of Herbsmith, Inc., is an active practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine, including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy and chiropractic therapy (3). After more than a decade of including Chinese herbal combinations in her practice, she founded Herbsmith, Inc. to provide herbal solutions for improving overall animal wellness.

Schneiders now carries the following Herbsmith products:
Herbsmith SoundHorse Liniment
Herbsmith SoundHorse Viscosity
Herbsmith Acute Trauma (10 day and 30 day supply)


(1) Chinese Herbs 101
(2) Exploring Holistic Veterinary Medicine
(3) Chris Bessent, D.V.M.

Solving Frozen Water Bucket Nightmares at the Barn

Dealing with frozen buckets has to be one of the most miserable barn chores out there. I recall spending hours in the freezing cold, attacking iced-over buckets with hammers or hoof picks and leaving them turned over in the sun, hoping the big blocks of ice would melt enough to slip out. Not only was it a pain, but I also broke multiple buckets in the process. I had to keep back-up buckets for when the main ones were frozen solid. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Flatback Water Bucket from Schneiders

Flatback Water Bucket from Schneiders

I finally decided to install Schneiders’ 5 gallon flatback heated water buckets. I have a two stall barn, and put two buckets in each stall. They were larger than my other buckets but I could still fit them in the same mounted holders. I drilled holes in my stall wall so I could feed the cord through. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. My heated buckets never froze over – even on the coldest nights. No electricity? No problem. The next best solution would be to install High Country insulated bucket holders, tested to not freeze down to 15°F.

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer

Water for turnout is another issue entirely. I have two solutions – either ditch your regular turnout water trough for Schneiders’ 16 gallon heated tub, or try the Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer. The ice breaker is the most economical way to address the problem – plus you don’t have to worry about cords to heat a tub. The ice breaker and strainer is made of sturdy aluminum so you can break through the ice, while the mesh net allows you to remove the broken chunks without getting wet. The Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer beats a sledgehammer and wet gloves any day. (For a video demo of the ice breaker, click here.)

Let’s not forget the dogs and cats! Keep their water from freezing with this heated pet bowl. It holds a whole gallon of water and is made in the USA.

I hope my frozen water solutions from are helpful to you! They’ve made my winter much more bearable, and hopefully will ease yours as well! Check out these other barn chore solutions from Schneider Saddlery so you can make short work of winter! Or check out this video demonstrating the best ways you can beat the cold!

Equestrian Gift Picks for the Holidays

The prices reflected in this blog post are valid through December 26, 2011.

The holidays are fast approaching. If you’re struggling with gift ideas for the equestrian who has everything, stress no more! My name is Jamie Davis. I’ve been with Schneider Saddlery for 32 years and I’ve compiled a list of unique and useful gifts that are sure to please.

Stocking Stuffers

Brush Therapy Cleans Horse Grooming BrushesBrush Therapy – While often overlooked, cleaning your grooming tools with Brush Therapy shortens grooming time, as well as eliminates bacteria and fungi. No longer worry about spreading germs when cleaning multiple horses! Simply add the citrus scented powder to a bucket of water and drop in your soiled brushes. Let them sit for 5 minutes, rinse and be amazed. At $3.50 a packet, this stocking stuffer is a no-brainer.


Safety Twine Hay Bale CutterSafety Twine Cutter – Eliminate unnecessary risk while cutting bailing twine with the Safety Twine Cutter. Whether you or youngsters help with feeding time, these cutters are made of heavy duty molded plastic which shield the blade, significantly reducing the risk of injury. Simply place the blade under the twine and lift up for an easy cut every time. A useful and cost-effective tool at $2.95, you can get one for everyone in the barn!



FES Black Steel Jointed English Riding Stirrup IronsFES Black Steel Jointed Irons – If you have ever experienced knee pain while riding, you must try these irons. Not only do they allow you to sink your heel down deeper than traditional Fillis irons, but the added flexibility alleviates joint pain. A great gift item to spoil any English equestrian! Priced economically at $43.95 and ranging from size 4 ¼ to 4 ¾, they make a perfect present for young riders and veterans alike.


Dura-Tech Support Gel Pad with synthetic fleeceDura-Tech® Anti-Slip Support Gel Pad with Synthetic Fleece – Treat both horse and rider with this shock-absorbing pad by Dura-Tech®. With ¼” ventilated gel and synthetic fleece lining, this pad alleviates pressure points while reducing saddle slippage. It might be a little large to stuff in a stocking, but it is priced to fit at $54.95.



Joules Clothing Slipper SocksJoules Slipper Socks – Nothing beats a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace in Joules’ ultra-comfy Slipper Socks. 100% polyester self-lined fleece, these socks are perfect to wear around the house to prevent chilly toes. The faux-suede bottom eliminates the risk of slipping. A perfectly stylish gift now on sale for $28.95.



Spoil Them

Ferrini Stingray Ladies Pink Tiger Cowgirl BootsFerrini Ladies Stingray Tiger Print Boot – This eye-catching boot is in no way subtle. If your cowgirl loves to make a statement, she’ll fall hard for these tiger print cowgirl boots from Ferrini. With a 12” fancy stitched shaft, square toe and tiger stripe foot, they are sure to command attention. Three color choices – tan, pink or blue – make it easy to match any wardrobe. Offered in full and half sizes 6 – 10B. Currently on sale for $99.95!


Professional's Choice SMX HD Western Saddle PadProfessional’s Choice SMX HD Shilloh Pad – This lightweight and breathable pad by Professional’s Choice conforms to the horse’s back to eliminate pressure points. It allows air to circulate and won’t compress over time. With 100% Merino wool lining and a 1 year limited warranty, the quality is unsurpassed. Offered in a variety of colors, it features functionality to please the horse and an eye-catching diamond design to please the rider. Listed at for $189.95.


Joseph Sterling Pro Series Hunter Classic BridleJoseph Sterling Pro Series Hunter Classic Bridle II – Developed with internationally renowned riders Candice King and Todd Minikus, this bridle is made from the finest English leather from Sedgwick & Co. It features our exclusive Comfort Plus padded crown to relieve pressure at the base of the ears, as well as a padded browband and caveson. Fancy stitched browband, caveson and matching laced reins make this the ultimate hunter show bridle. Offered in Full, Cob and Pony sizes, with the option of extra-long reins for $209.95 – $219.95.

Ariat Ladies Barn Yard Work Stable BootAriat Side Zip Barn Yard Ladies Work BootThis waterproof stable boot is made for a hard day’s work. With Ariat’s patented foot bed technology, it offers support for all day comfort both in and out of the saddle. The sole features enough heel to safely ride in. Made of waterproof, full grain leather, this boot was designed to last. Offered in dark brown – ladies sizes 5 ½ – 10, 11 for $109.95.


Rapid Groom Equine Horse VacuumRapid Groom – I can’t live without this! Brushing your horse by hand only removes surface dirt. The Rapid Groom equine vacuum revolutionizes grooming by eliminating dirt and dandruff where it starts – the skin. Portable and powerful, it features a 10 foot hose and 2 speeds so you can clean your animal thoroughly. At $365.95, it is a unique and functional gift that will be greatly appreciated. (See for full specifications and shipping details.)


What creative and unique Christmas gifts have you given your horsey friends or relatives? Comment and share your ideas!
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Jamie Davis has been with Schneider Saddlery for 32 years. She actively competes with her home bred and raised horses in both English and Western in the Quarter Horse and Open circuits. A 4-H advisor for 16 years, she serves on the board of directors for the Geauga Horse and Pony Association, as well as being a past director of OAQHA.