Stress-Free Horse Trailering Tips

Trailering your horse doesn’t have to be a hassle. Check out for all your trailering accessories. See these featured items and more here.

Trailering Your Horse Made Simple

Trailering Made Simple

Trailering doesn’t have to be a pain. Check out our selection of trailer accessories at to make trailering simple!

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Conserving Hay


Conserving hay is important to your budget and for your horse’s well being. To view the Slow Feed Hay Bag, click here. To view the Slow Feed Saver, click here. To shop all the necessities for your horse, visit SSTACK.COM

Body Clipping Tips

Body Clipping Tips

If body clipping is part of your grooming regimen then you are familiar with the dull, dry skin that follows for days afterwards. Schneiders has several innovative ways to avoid this problem and immediately give your horse a shiny and healthy sheen.

Ultra Hot Oil Treatment

Ultra® Hot Oil Treatment

Immediately after body clipping, it is important to restore moisture. The most effective way to infuse moisture back into the stripped coat is to use a hot oil treatment. Dilute the hot oil treatment 1:5 with very warm water and apply liberally with a sponge to the entire body, mane and tail while  avoiding the eye area. Throw a fitted cooler over your horse to retain heat, and let set for about an hour. The longer you leave it on the more effective the treatment will be.


Ultra Conditioning Shampoo

Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

After you have let the hot oil treatment set in, wash your horse thoroughly with a conditioning shampoo. Dilute 1:5 and apply liberally, working deep into the coat, mane and tail to remove any traces of the hot oil treatment. Rinse thoroughly.



Ultra Conditioning Hair Polish

Ultra® Conditioning Hair Polish

The final step in restoring moisture and shine to your body clipped horse is to condition with a hair polish. After you have sweat scraped your horse, apply the polish with a sprayer, working it into the coat with your palm. Once you have applied to the entire body, stroke the coat flat and allow to dry naturally.

We hope this information has helped you with your grooming needs! Shop for all your horse care necessities.


Arabian Body Clipping

The #1 Necessity for Trail Riding

Easy-Mount Step Stool

Easy-Mount Step Stool

It’s the season for trail riding! Before you hit the trail, make sure to pack your Easy-Mount Step Stool. Sometimes dismounting is necessary, but the terrain does not always allow you to re-mount easily or safely. This stool is light and portable, with a 5′ nylon cord to pull it up with you after mounting. See what these customers had to say!


Review Stars “I bought this product for my 61 year old mother. She loves to ride, but has a hard time mounting after a break out on the trail. She is delighted with the stool. The stool has become as essential as her saddle when it we get ready to trail ride.” – South Carolina

Review Stars “Always worried about getting back up on the horse out on the trail without a mount block, this product alleviates that worry and the string allows you to pick it up after mounting and just strap it to the saddle.” – Alabama

Review Stars “The foot pad is just large enough to feel secure and still small enough to easily carry on my saddle. The legs spread wide enough to give a good platform. The only situation I’ve noticed they don’t work well is in deep soft ground such as sand. Now, when I have to get off in a inconvenient place I’m confident I can remount without help.” – South Carolina

Review Stars “I used this step stool for the first time today and I love it! I was able to get on and off of my horse several times throughout my ride without having to pick a “good spot” to get back on after taking a rest break. It’s lightweight, but sturdy and compact enough to fit in my horn bag. I think I have found a great Christmas present for all of my horse friends.” – Michigan

Review Stars “This little step has given me such freedom! No more looking for a log, rock or incline in order to remount my tall gelding when trail riding. The size is perfect for giving me a sturdy “foot up” and the cord makes retrieval a snap. Only wish I’d found it earlier. Thanks!” – North Carolina

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Read thousands of reviews from customers just like you at! Check out the video below for more information and a demonstration!

Urgent Info on Equine Ulcers

Equine Ulcers Infographic

Schneiders has solutions for your ulcer concerns! If you’re worried that your horse may be susceptible to ulcers, check out the following solutions:

Dura-Tech® Slow Feed Hay Bag – Slows down your horse’s consumption while saving hay.

High Country Slow Feeder Saver – Holds a full day’s worth of feed and slows the rate of consumption. Durable enough to place in turnout areas.

Succeed™ Digestive Conditioning Program – Supplements for performance horses that are in training or competing without extended turnout.

dac Digestive Aid – Supplement that contains direct-fed microbial cultures to encourage a healthy digestive system.

Always contact your veterinarian if you are concerned about ulcers and your horse’s overall health.


English Horse Show Apparel Explained

Schneiders has everything you need to prepare for a successful horse show season! Shop our collection of English horse show apparel as well as tack and other necessities at!

New Innovation – Slow Feeder Saver

How often do you find wasted hay strewn around your horse’s stall or blown away in the turnout arena? Does your horse dunk their hay and leave the leftovers in their water buckets? If you’re frustrated by your horse wasting their feed, the Slow Feeder Saver is your solution.

Slow Feeder Saver

Slow Feeder Saver

The Slow Feeder Saver is made of durable molded plastic with a removable steel feeding grate. It is large enough to hold an entire day’s worth of feed and puts your horse in a natural grazing position. It slows down the rate of feeding and therefore dramatically reduces the risk of colic. The hole at the bottom makes for easy cleaning. It has a 3 year limited warranty.

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The Equestrian’s Spring Checklist

Spring is just around the corner and so is your riding season.   It’s time to take inventory and organize all of your everyday work tack. Follow this spring checklist to start your riding season off on the right foot!

Check tack

Cleaning and conditioning your equipment is essential to preserving the integrity of the leather, giving it suppleness, strength and longevity.  When equipment is taken apart, it should also be inspected, making sure all hardware is in working order and functioning properly and the leather is pliable and free of cracks. Many times a small defect can be repaired. Other times you may need to look at replacing your equipment. We have a large selection of work and show tack to fit any budget, as well as great deals this month to prepare you for spring riding.

Fly repellantDon’t wait until fly season has sprung to invest in fly protection. The surest way to deflect flies is to invest in a quality mask and sheet. We have a variety of durable fly sheets and matching masks at economical prices. And don’t forget to check out a new line of all natural fly repellant bands from Fly Armor – just Velcro the bands to your tack when you need them and never mess with spray bottles again.

Clean tack roomIt’s time to clear the clutter. One day spent organizing your tack room will save so many headaches when you have work to do later. We have an entire line of Easy-Up® products to help get the job done. From saddle racks to bridle hooks to blanket bars to shelving units, we can assist you in organizing all of your essential items, whatever your budget.

SSTACK.COM has everything you need for everyday riding. Shop online today!