Horses of Schneiders Catalog – “Jodee”

Horses of Schneiders

You’ve met two Horses of Schneiders – Bree and Chip. Today we introduce a 12 year old Quarter Horse mare named Jodee!

Horse Spotlight Jodee

Jodee would like you to know…

“I am a tried and true model – I love to wear any of Schneiders’ horsewear in all types of conditions!  Currently I participate in the occasional horse show, as Showmanship is my specialty. 360 is no problem – but you better keep up! Some of my barn buddies call me a real diva but I am home-bred and raised by my family! Life is good!”

Horses of Schneiders Jodee

Jodee has quite the personality. Look for her on the cover of our Fall Sale 2012 catalog, as well as on page 9 modeling our newly redesigned turnout blanket!