February’s Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

February Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

Want to organize your barn and keep activities running smoothly? Check out these unbelievable deals from Schneiders!

1. Easy-Up® Fold Up Manure Dolly – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

2. Dura-Tech® Horseshoe Salt Block Holder  – 64% off (Through February 29, 2012)

3. Dura-Tech® SafeGuards™ – 49% off! (Through February 14, 2012)

4. Plastic Feeding Chart – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

Style Your Winter – Our Favorite Outerwear This Season (Part Four)

Style Your Winter BootsWatch Video

You now know our favorite tops, gloves and breeches. Lastly in our outerwear category, but in no way least, Schneiders has several insulated riding boots we know you’ll love!

Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Zip Paddock Boots
Once I bought a pair of Ariat’s waterproof, full grain leather insulated boots I never turned back. Not only are they sharp looking, but the 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation keep me warm through the entire winter. They’ve been through thick and thin over the span of several years, and still clean up well. These winter paddock boots feature a neoprene lined suede collar, gusseted tongue, rounded toe and Duratread outsole.



TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Zip Paddock Boots
These paddock boots are comfortable and practical, featuring Dupont Comfortmax Classic insulation. They contain a footbed lined with PU waterproof membrane and have ultra grippy outsoles to prevent slipping on icy terrain. They are perfect for riding and for barn work!





Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots

Ariat Ladies Brossard Tall Boots
A tall boot version of the Brossard Paddock, these tall boots feature waterproof full grain leather with suede and neoprene uppers. They contain the same 200 grams Thinsulate insulation, with moisture wicking lining. They also have a full-length back zipper for convenience!




TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots

TuffRider Snow Rider Tall Boots
Also an extension of the TuffRider Snow Rider Paddock,  they feature the same Dupont Comfortmax Classic insulation. They have a stretch-calf gusset and neoprene ankle flex and the upper lining is a durable mesh with PUFoam and tricot. Waterproof with a grippy sole.


This concludes Schneiders’ Style Your Winter series! We hope this information has been helpful, and we’d love to hear your reviews on the best winter wear you ride in! Leave a comment below, or catch us on Facebook / Twitter!

Horse Blanket Troubleshooting Solutions

Horse Blanket Troubleshooting

Schneiders wants to make blanketing your animals as hassle-free as possible. Horses will be horses, and as owners we sometimes have to do a bit of troubleshooting. Some common annoyances with blanketing horses include blanket tears, dirty Velcro closures that are no longer effective and blanket rubbing. Stress no longer – Schneiders has the following horse blanket solutions!

1.StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape
Even the strongest blankets can tear, either on the outer shell or on the lining. Having them repaired can be expensive and time consuming. The simplest solution is to use Schneiders’ StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape. It allows you to quickly and easily repair waterproof turnout blankets in minutes. It is offered in 18” strips in 10+ colors, and costs much less than a typical blanket repair ($2.95 a strip). Don’t let your horse go without a blanket just because it needs repaired! Fix it at home with StormShield® Blanket Repair Tape. Click here to view a video tutorial!

2.Velcro Restorer Brush
I am a fan of Velcro assist front closures on turnout blankets. They keep the front of the blanket closed so that it doesn’t bunch up behind the buckles after your horse has been moving around. The problem, though, is that the Velcro doesn’t stand a chance of staying clean in the barn and soon loses its effectiveness. This Velcro restorer brush brings it back to life in no time, and is cost effective to boot. It is one of those items you don’t think to shop for, but can’t live without once you own one.

3.UltraFlex® Shoulder Slicker
Even the best fitting blankets can leave rub marks on sensitive horses. If you are showing and want to prevent rubs and hair loss on the base of the mane and top of the withers, or if your horse is sensitive but needs to stay blanketed, try using a shoulder slicker. The lycra prevents friction from blanketing so hair loss is kept to a minimum. Schneiders’ UltraFlex® Shoulder Slicker is made of 8 oz durable lycra with a Velcro closure at the neck and an elastic girth strap to keep it securely in place. Our slickers are sized to fit weanlings up to large warmbloods (sizes 64 – 86).

We hope this information is helpful to you! We have plenty of blanket accessories (leg straps, bellyband extenders, blanket wash, blanket re-proofer and more) at sstack.com to make your life at the barn easier! Check out all of our cold weather solutions to make short work of your winter!

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer Special Deal!

Dura-Tech Ice Breaker Strainer Special DealNow through January 21, 2012

Tired of frozen buckets? The Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker and Strainer is made of sturdy aluminum so you can break through the ice, while the mesh net allows you to remove the broken chunks without getting wet. It provides a quick and easy solution to your frozen water bucket nightmares. Check out this limited time offer, now through January 21, 2012! Also remember to see our other solutions for cold weather!

Watch Video

Have Hot Water Instantly, Even Mid-Winter!

The Insta Hot® Equine Portable Washing System is one of those products where once you’ve used it you cannot live without it. Have hot water in seconds, even in cold weather! This unit has so many uses in addition to bathing horses. Use it to bathe your other animals, to wash your car, to fill water buckets and to use while camping – the possibilities are endless! It is offered exclusively from Schneiders. For more information click here. To see more of our cold weather solutions, check out sstack.com!

Solving Frozen Water Bucket Nightmares at the Barn

Dealing with frozen buckets has to be one of the most miserable barn chores out there. I recall spending hours in the freezing cold, attacking iced-over buckets with hammers or hoof picks and leaving them turned over in the sun, hoping the big blocks of ice would melt enough to slip out. Not only was it a pain, but I also broke multiple buckets in the process. I had to keep back-up buckets for when the main ones were frozen solid. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Flatback Water Bucket from Schneiders

Flatback Water Bucket from Schneiders

I finally decided to install Schneiders’ 5 gallon flatback heated water buckets. I have a two stall barn, and put two buckets in each stall. They were larger than my other buckets but I could still fit them in the same mounted holders. I drilled holes in my stall wall so I could feed the cord through. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. My heated buckets never froze over – even on the coldest nights. No electricity? No problem. The next best solution would be to install High Country insulated bucket holders, tested to not freeze down to 15°F.

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer

Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer

Water for turnout is another issue entirely. I have two solutions – either ditch your regular turnout water trough for Schneiders’ 16 gallon heated tub, or try the Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer. The ice breaker is the most economical way to address the problem – plus you don’t have to worry about cords to heat a tub. The ice breaker and strainer is made of sturdy aluminum so you can break through the ice, while the mesh net allows you to remove the broken chunks without getting wet. The Dura-Tech® Ice Breaker & Strainer beats a sledgehammer and wet gloves any day. (For a video demo of the ice breaker, click here.)

Let’s not forget the dogs and cats! Keep their water from freezing with this heated pet bowl. It holds a whole gallon of water and is made in the USA.

I hope my frozen water solutions from sstack.com are helpful to you! They’ve made my winter much more bearable, and hopefully will ease yours as well! Check out these other barn chore solutions from Schneider Saddlery so you can make short work of winter! Or check out this video demonstrating the best ways you can beat the cold!