February’s Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

February Unbelievable Deals from Schneiders

Want to organize your barn and keep activities running smoothly? Check out these unbelievable deals from Schneiders!

1. Easy-Up® Fold Up Manure Dolly – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

2. Dura-Tech® Horseshoe Salt Block Holder  – 64% off (Through February 29, 2012)

3. Dura-Tech® SafeGuards™ – 49% off! (Through February 14, 2012)

4. Plastic Feeding Chart – 42% off! (Through February 29, 2012)

Herbsmith Specials Through January 31, 2012!

Herbsmith Specials from Schneiders
Schneiders is offering two great Herbsmith specials through January 31, 2012!

1. Purchase Herbsmith SoundHorse Viscosity and receive Herbsmith SoundHorse Liniment FREE
2. Purchase Herbsmith Acute Trauma 30 Day and receive Herbsmith SoundHorse Liniment FREE

Herbsmith, Inc. and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Herbsmith Inc Products from Schneiders

New from SchneidersHerbsmith, Inc. products! Herbsmith therapies utilize Chinese herbal blends as a natural way to improve overall wellness for your animal.

Always consult your veterinarian before starting a supplement regimen.

Chinese herbs – effective or simply a fad?
Chinese Veterinary Medicine, while only recently provoking interest in North America, has existed for thousands of years (1). The goal of Chinese herbal medicine is to treat the entire body for wellness, rather than treat a specific symptom. Vet practitioners who follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine will often prescribe herbs that they feel will bring the body into balance and therefore relieve illness (2). Many veterinarians combine Eastern and Western techniques when treating animals. Alternative therapies have recently grown in popularity, but are they effective? According to Dr. Bessent, holistic veterinarian and founder of Herbsmith, Inc., “We’ve become so reliant on pharmaceuticals that many think herbs are folklore but TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) is more than that. It’s a medical system that looks beyond symptoms to address the root causes of illness, while supporting good health. Using Chinese herbs proactively pays off since people can deal with an animal’s issues before they become severe.” (1)

Herbsmith Products
Dr. Chris Bessent, founder of Herbsmith, Inc., is an active practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine, including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy and chiropractic therapy (3). After more than a decade of including Chinese herbal combinations in her practice, she founded Herbsmith, Inc. to provide herbal solutions for improving overall animal wellness.

Schneiders now carries the following Herbsmith products:
Herbsmith SoundHorse Liniment
Herbsmith SoundHorse Viscosity
Herbsmith Acute Trauma (10 day and 30 day supply)


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(3) Chris Bessent, D.V.M.