The #1 Necessity for Trail Riding

Easy-Mount Step Stool

Easy-Mount Step Stool

It’s the season for trail riding! Before you hit the trail, make sure to pack your Easy-Mount Step Stool. Sometimes dismounting is necessary, but the terrain does not always allow you to re-mount easily or safely. This stool is light and portable, with a 5′ nylon cord to pull it up with you after mounting. See what these customers had to say!


Review Stars “I bought this product for my 61 year old mother. She loves to ride, but has a hard time mounting after a break out on the trail. She is delighted with the stool. The stool has become as essential as her saddle when it we get ready to trail ride.” – South Carolina

Review Stars “Always worried about getting back up on the horse out on the trail without a mount block, this product alleviates that worry and the string allows you to pick it up after mounting and just strap it to the saddle.” – Alabama

Review Stars “The foot pad is just large enough to feel secure and still small enough to easily carry on my saddle. The legs spread wide enough to give a good platform. The only situation I’ve noticed they don’t work well is in deep soft ground such as sand. Now, when I have to get off in a inconvenient place I’m confident I can remount without help.” – South Carolina

Review Stars “I used this step stool for the first time today and I love it! I was able to get on and off of my horse several times throughout my ride without having to pick a “good spot” to get back on after taking a rest break. It’s lightweight, but sturdy and compact enough to fit in my horn bag. I think I have found a great Christmas present for all of my horse friends.” – Michigan

Review Stars “This little step has given me such freedom! No more looking for a log, rock or incline in order to remount my tall gelding when trail riding. The size is perfect for giving me a sturdy “foot up” and the cord makes retrieval a snap. Only wish I’d found it earlier. Thanks!” – North Carolina

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